Hello and welcome to my blog. 

My name is Amy, a huge lover of animals, beauty and fashion. I started my blog because i've always enjoyed writing, but these days I only really get to write about the biology and lifestyle of different animals due to my current studies. Although I have a huge love for animals, I also have a passion for beauty and fashion - and where better place to write about that than on a blog? 

As well as writing, I also love taking pretty pictures of girly things that usually just end up on my Instagram, but now I have another place to feature them and share an opinion on whatever I photograph. 

I'm a very talkative person who likes to engage on a good conversation - so any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. For general contact or promotional queries, all of my contact details can be found under the Contact page located on my navigation bar.

Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and follow me blog - It's greatly appreciated. 


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